“I created Clarins out of love and respect for women’s beauty.”
—Founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins

From the heart of the deepest forests
to the bottoms of the deepest seas, Clarins
Research travels the farthest corners of
the world in an ongoing quest to find the
most powerful active plant ingredients—then
harnesses their natural energy into
formulas that are unrivaled in gentleness
and clinical benefits.

Each ingredient is sourced following procedures that respect and preserve the environment: then analyzed and tested (but never on animals) with a single goal—to extract the most potent molecules and combine them in ideal combinations to ensure optimal safety and efficacy.

At Clarins, a client is never alone. Listening to our customers’ beauty concerns is a top priority that has created an ongoing dialogue and sense of
respect. That’s why we are always there to
accompany, guide and give advice.

Sharing Jacques Courtin-Clarins passion for nature
and beauty are his two sons. Presiding over
the company to ensure its future growth
are Olivier Courtin-Clarins, General Manager
and Christian Courtin-Clarins, President.

It’s a fact. With Clarins, life’s more beautiful.

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