Clarins obtains all raw materials using environmentally-friendly methods. To protect biodiversity, support farmers and eliminate threat to local vegetation, all plant ingredients are collected under controlled clearing practices.

Our company strongly adheres to Fair Trade and sustainable development practices.
A good example is the sourcing of Katafray
extract—the key ingredient in Clarins’
HydraQuench range, chosen for its capacity
to preserve moisture reserves and reinforce
the skin’s barrier function.

A fixed amount of the retail price goes to Clarins’ partners in Madagascar to help set up health, education and potable water initiatives.

To preserve the earth’s precious resources for future generations, Clarins Research prefers the use of cultivated plants and, in the selection process, respects sourcing standards set by The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, as well as the Rio de Janero Convention on Biodiversity.

Clarins scientists follow rigorous procedures
and traceability that go beyond regulatory
restrictions. Attesting to this commitment, Clarins
Laboratories were the first in the cosmetics
industry to receive the “Good Laboratory
Practice” certification. Additionally,
100% of waste generated by Groupe
Clarins is recycled.