You know a company is a great place to work when it’s endorsed by
its employees.

Clarins strives to create a work environment of open communication,
support and trust. A place where teamwork is encouraged, hard
work rewarded and every employee makes a difference—
while growing, being challenged and having fun.

Select the testimonials below to see why Clarins employees love
coming to work.


Employee Testimonials

Jay - Sales, CFG

Why I love my job: The ability to really make a difference in the company. We are given a set structure and flexibility within that structure to build our business. Also that we connect to our customer. We are in the relationship business. We introduce women to their new friend, ANGEL. Sometimes it is hard to make friends. How do we raise our ranks in stores — by helping someone fall in love with perhaps the Perfuming Body Cream. It’s wonderful.

Jenny - Marketing, Clarins

I yearned for a company that was big enough to matter and small enough that I would be recognized when I walked down the hall.  One that would allow me to actively participate in its future and have a voice.  In 1996 I found the perfect place for me and I became part of the Clarins family.  As with any family and relationship, I have been surrounded by people that I care for and depend on to get through the rough times and to celebrate successes and great moments. In addition, I get to work in a dynamic industry and bring the best products to market.

This December, I will accept my 15 year pin with pride as a symbol of all that I have achieved both personally and professionally at Clarins.  The icing on the cake will be sharing this moment with colleagues that have become lifelong friends.

Louise - Sales, CFG

In 1993 I made a choice to join Clarins and it was the best decision I ever made. Our plethora of superior prestigious products can’t not be surpassed by any other company. Innovation creativity and most importantly the journey to find the best of the best of Beauty products in the industry. I am most proud of Clarins because this company represents integrity, passion and more importantly giving. The Spirit of Clarins is imbedded in every employee and the passion and loyalty of it’s employees never teeters and always steadfast. We’re not a company we’re a Family…..

Brenton - Sales, Clarins

It is a privilege to represent the Clarins Brand. A company who values, respects  and listens to it’s customers and employees. I love how I continue to learn and grow by the experiences made possibly by working for Clarins.

Nancy - Inventory Management , Groupe Clarins

I work for Clarins because I have come to appreciate the personal and professional growth the company has allowed me to experience during my tenure here.  We have a true team mentality and work together to face the never ending changes and challenges that we are faced with in our economy and culture.  Clarins is a company that respects it’s employees, it’s customers, and the earth, and together we strive to achieve success and share our amazing products with consumers around the world.

Ann - Finance, Groupe Clarins

Why I love Clarins………….

What’s not to love?  First and foremost I truly believe in our products as well as our people. Clarins is my wonderful second family. We work as a unit, supporting each other, focused on the same goals.   We strive to make our workplace inviting, maintain a positive atmosphere, providing our employees a wealth of opportunity. With great pleasure I joined our Clarins Team in 1999 as a Staff Accountant, Twelve years and Five promotions later, I am the Senior Director of Finance.  My success speaks to Clarins commitment towards their dedicated employees who are willing to work hard, go the extra mile, and make innovative strides toward the betterment of Clarins.

Lorna - Sales & Marketing, CFG

I enjoy working for Clarins Fragrance Group because I truly believe we have the best of brands in our portfolio and most of all I enjoy wearing them all. As a proud and loyal employee, I am always ready to introduce our brands to anyone who asks “What perfume you are wearing”?  I feel I represent a Company where we are always recognized as a part of a family and not just another employee. This is very motivating and gives you more encouragement each day as you arrive to the office.

Tanya - Public Relations, Groupe Clarins

Clarins is a company that once you join, you don’t ever want to leave.  It is a very unusual environment where you really can be heard, where you truly feel the heart of the brand. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too tied to my work at Clarins, but I so love and believe in the products, the people and what I do. I can’t imagine feeling like this elsewhere.

Barry - Information Technology, Groupe Clarins

When you work with Clarins - you meet the most amazing people.   People who understand that they can make a difference, every day.   You are never a nameless, faceless number.  You are a person, a member of a world wide family.  The passion, drive for excellence, and the commitment to each other is a rare thing to have as a part of your daily life.   When you find Clarins, you find a home.